Let’s Get Going! We Can’t Hold It In!

Have you ever had some good news that you were so excited you couldn’t wait to share it? I remember when Lana was born, I left the delivery room to go back and tell our family in the waiting room that she had arrived. I was so overwhelmed with joy that I was crying uncontrollably. When I walked into the room everyone immediately thought the worst. Here I was sobbing – sobbing so much that I couldn’t even talk – and they were thinking something had gone wrong with the delivery. Finally, I was able to mutter, “She’s so pretty.” That was all they needed to hear. Then they completely understood my tears and my emotions. They knew that I had seen Lana and was so beside myself with love for her that I couldn’t speak…that all I could do was cry tears of joy!

Can you imagine if I had tried to keep the news to myself? The problem with that would have been that my joy was so intense that there was no way I could have hidden it. My life had changed in the instant that I saw my daughter. I had the same reaction when Walker was born. Things would never be the same now that I was the daddy of each of those babies.

Lana holding Walker right after he was born.
Lana holding Walker right after he was born.

When Christ comes into our lives we are never the same again. He completely and utterly transforms us. We are overcome with His love, with His forgiveness, with the change He has brought in us. And if the truth is told, when He radically saves us, we can’t help but want to spread the joy.

The Lord commanded us to “Go and make disciples.” Too often we wait for people to come to us – to show up at church. The problem is we are the ones who should be going and telling. The idea that this command gives is this – as you go, tell. As we go about our lives we should share the good news of the Gospel. People should be able to look at us and see something – something as dramatic & real as what my family saw in me that day in the waiting room. And just like my family, those people who see us may not fully understand what is going on with us. They may not understand what is different. But they will see it – and then it’s our job to tell them. But tell them what? We tell them what God has done in our lives. How He has forgiven us, how He has changed us. We tell them our story.

So, as you go this week, tell your story. Share your faith. Let people see the change God has brought about in your life. We need to show our community the love of Christ that shines on our faces! People need to know the news, so let’s get going!


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