A thimble full of water…

This week I read where scientists discovered a beaked whale in Australia that had washed up on shore. Did you know that there was even such a creature? I know I didn’t. The online article didn’t have a picture of this very rare animal, so I went in search of it through Google. There aren’t that many photos of these types of whales, but they are very interesting. You see, they live in the deepest parts of the ocean and are very rarely seen by humans. Scientists have been able to tag a few of the creatures – and they tracked Cuvier’s beaked whale which dove to 9,816 feet below the surface, while another stayed underwater for 137.5 minutes. Both of these are the deepest and longest dives ever recorded by mammals.

Cuvier's Beaked Whale

This got me to thinking. As humans we think we know so much, but in reality there is a great deal about the universe that we still are discovering (as if it had been lost). We are still just finding out about animals that have been on our planet for millennia. Some swim deep in the ocean, others are in remote jungles. In fact, If we compiled everything mankind has ever known, it would barely be a thimble full of knowledge compared to the ocean depths of God’s omniscience.

God sees all of the beaked whales, all of the crawly critters in the dark jungles of the Amazon. He knows if there is really a monster in Loch Ness and if Pluto is really a planet or not. He has been to the other side of the universe while we still stretch to see the limits of our tiny galaxy. And even more amazing, He created it – not with sweaty labor – but with just the sound of His voice calling it all into existence.

Remember what the book of Job tells us about God’s awesomeness – God answers Job’s doubt with describing His own power. He asks Job if he can tame the Leviathan (Job 41). We don’t even know what this terrible creature really was, but the point is – God knew, He still knows and He could tame it with no trouble at all.

So this week when things come along that cause you doubt – when something happens and you have no clue what to do – remember this – God knows all, He sees all, He sits in authority over all. All we see is a thimble, where He holds the oceans in His hands. He created us, He loves us, He knows us intimately. And while we are still “discovering” things in this life, nothing is new to Him. Trust Him. Follow Him. And never fail to be in awe of His mighty power and His marvelous creation!


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