Once Upon a Time…

Recently we discovered the TV series, “Once Upon a Time.” And we are probably some of the last people on the planet to start watching some of the episodes. Mainly I think because it comes on TV on Sunday night when we are at church. Through the modern miracle of Netflix we have been able to see some of the first few seasons of the show.


If you aren’t familiar with it, the premise is this – all of the storybook characters that we grew up with – Snow White, Cinderella, Red Riding Hood – they have been transported from their fairytale lands to a town in Maine. Why? Because the Evil Queen is still trying to exact her revenge on Snow White. And now that they are in the real life town of Storybrooke, Maine, they don’t remember who they really are. Only the child of Snow White & Prince Charming – who escaped the curse – can free them all.

Disney knows how to spin a tale. But in watching the show I have found some very Biblical truths. First, we are all trapped in a land that is not our home. We are under a curse that has destroyed the relationship we had with our Heavenly Father. We have forgotten our true identity and gone our own way. Second, there is nothing we can do to free ourselves from this situation – as a matter of fact, left on our own we wouldn’t even realize that this life is not our real life. In our “story,” the King has sent His only Son to free us from the curse. He lays down His life and then comes back to life – all as a way to pay the penalty for the sin that separates us from God, as a way to break the curse we find ourselves under. When we realize who He is, and who we are in Him – we still have to live in this same place – but now we know our true identities. We can live in the forgiveness & freedom provided through Christ. One day we will be taken back to our true home in Heaven to live with the One True King. Until then, we must spread the news throughout the land. News that a Savior has come, He has broken the curse and we can all be free if we follow Him.

The difference in what we share and what Disney so artfully portrays on television is this – our story is no fairytale. It is real. And one day we will indeed live happily ever after in a land with no death, no sin, no heartache, no pain – a place where God dwells and we never die – a place where true love – God’s love for us – conquers all!


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