The Bride is Ready

I’ll never forget my wedding day. One of the funniest parts was almost missing my cue to come in. You see, my best friend and I were waiting with my Pastor in a side room. We were supposed to be listening for “Jesu’ Joy of Man’s Desiring” to begin playing. That was our cue to come in so the ceremony could start. The problem with this scenario was that the three of us were all laughing and cutting up. (Imagine that??) So finally my best friend says, “Hey, isn’t that the song we are supposed to be listening for?” And sure enough, it was. Misty would have killed me if I had been late to our wedding. She was ready for her cue, I obviously was not.

In the past few weeks I’ve been reminded that we are like that scene. As the Church, we are the Bride of Christ. We stand ready and are anxiously waiting to see Him enter the scene for the Wedding. We may fidget, we may worry – but we are ready. Waiting. Waiting for the Groom to show up. Waiting for Him to arrive so the rest of our lives can begin. Waiting for a time when we will journey to our forever home.

Interestingly enough, when I get wearisome of waiting and yearn for Heaven, I find myself singing the words to the song “Beulah Land.” I sing those lyrics – “I’m kind of homesick for a country to which I’ve never been before…” One day when I was mulling over those words I began to wonder what “Beulah Land” meant. Sure, I understand that it is one of the names we use for Heaven, but where does “Beulah Land” come from in Scripture. It is found in Isaiah 62:4 and describes the fact that when we are reunited with Christ, we will no longer be alone. We will no longer be desolate or deserted. Beulah means “married; claimed as a wife.” WOW!

We have hope that one day we will no longer feel separated from God. The desolation and sorrow caused by sin will be done away with. As Christians, as the Church – we have been “claimed as a wife.” Our future hope is sealed. The promise of life eternal spent with our loving Savior, the one who has rescued us from our separated state gives us hope, joy and strength.

Isaiah 62:4 also says that we will be called “Hephzibah,” which means “my delight” or “my darling.” That too rings in my ear of my wedding day, for I have always referred to my wife as “darling.”  As the Church, we are the apple of Christ’s eye, the one He delights in. And we are the ones He has given His very life for so that we might be able to spend a never-again-to-be-separated life with Him.

So, when your days are desolate, when your anxiety is overwhelming, when you feel deserted – remember Beulah. You are claimed. You are loved. You will one day be eternally restored. Your Groom is coming. He hasn’t forgotten. He didn’t miss His cue. He will be here soon and the wedding can begin.


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