Thanks for the reminder Linus

I have always been a fan of the Peanuts gang, and for some reason I always identified with Linus. For one reason is his blanket. You see, when I was a kid I had a Winnie the Pooh that I carried around like Linus carries his blanket. My Pooh went everywhere with me. So I can identify with Linus and his need for a security blanket. Don’t judge me…

Another thing I love about Linus is his honesty. He puts things into perspective for the other characters. He is there to cheer up Charlie Brown and to correct his wayward sister Lucy. It is Linus who delivers the all-important message at the Christmas pageant from the gospel of Luke.

I was recently reminded of how right theology dispels fear and doubt. And can you guess who brought me this reminder? Yep, you guessed it. Linus. Here’s the comic strip that I saw…


So when the world comes in and brings doubt and fear, the best way to overcome it is through good theology. I know what you are thinking – “theology, that’s that complicated preacher-stuff they teach in seminary.” Well, yes and no. Ministers do study theology in seminary, but it is not really complicated (even though some people try make it that way). Theology means “the study of God.” And the best way to study God is to study His Word. So, in its purest form, theology is the stuff that you learn when you read your Bible. It’s the stuff I was taught beginning in Sunday School and I’m still learning after all these years.

When we take the questions the world gives us to the Bible and find God’s answer for them, that’s theology. And when there are questions which seem to have no answers, we look again to see how God came through for His people in times when they didn’t see answers. We rest on the firm foundation of knowing Who God is and what He has promised. That’s theology.

So, if you are struggling to understand why the rains come and you worry they will never stop, look to God and look to His Word. And allow the confidence of knowing Who God is to bring you peace in the midst of the storm. Thanks for the reminder Linus.


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